Cycling – Bike Spotting in Montreal

Our bike-spotting trip to New York City was a bit lame. The trip itself was great. But the amount of bikes we saw (in movement) was disappointing. My hope was that our visit to Montreal would yield better results.

OMG, it’s freezing here! It was minus 30 degrees with the wind chill when I got up yesterday morning. As I left my hotel I saw cyclist after cyclist. They were everywhere! Are these people crazy? After all, It is Montreal (I can say that as I am a native Montrealer).

It seems that the weather is a deterent. But not enough to stop cyclists completely. Montrealers are proving that the City’s investment in infrastructure was not wasted. After all, many pundits were saying that building infrastructure in a city that “enjoys” so much snow was a waste. Not!

On my way back downtown I decided to camp out for a few minutes in the McGill Ghetto. After all, students are reputed to be amongst the poorest of citizens. And bikes are an inexpensive mode of transportation…

I was not disappointed. They were everywhere (I exaggerate).

Here are a few of my favorites.


  1. these pictures are quite a bench mark…very suitable to counter ‘the whiners’ 😉

    Thanks for posting, Les, they’re great!

  2. So New Yorkers are not using bikes as often as a certain blogger is trying to make us believe? 😉

    Great to hear a success story from Montreal though.

  3. @ Everyone: Thanks. I have to say, these guys are nuts! It snowed through yesterday and still is now. We are stuck here with our car. But some fellow with ski goggles just drove by on his courier bike – Yikes!


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