Cycling – Mapping my bike rides can be frustrating

As an avid cyclist, I sometimes like to plan out my routes in advance. Or, if I have simply gone on a ride, I like to document where I have gone so that I can share (brag about?) where I have been. There are many websites that allow one to map out their rides and share them with others.I won’t go into any great detail in this post as I am planning to do an in depth review of them at a later date when I am cycling less and Blogging more (Winter – Brrrrr).

At the moment I use Again, more on this topic at a later date.

Now, to my point. I very often do rides that take me on Cycling Paths and alike. And as many of you know, these paths are not included in services such as Google Maps.

Ah, but wait! Yesterday I read a story on another BLOG about Google doing what I had been thinking about and hoping for. So I decided to do more research. Google is rolling out an addition to their famous Google Maps that will include walking directions. So, for example, you won’t get penalized for walking by being forced to go down 1 way streets. This, of course, is the first step towards the inclusion of bike (walking) paths in Google Maps.

Starting today, you can tell Google Maps that you want walking directions, and we’ll try to find you a route that’s direct, flat, and uses pedestrian pathways when we know about them. Just get directions as you normally would. If you’re going 10 km or less (some call this 6.2 miles), we’ll show you a link that you can click to get “Walking” directions:

The end result will be the ability to map out bike rides which will include bike paths etc… It’s only a matter of time!

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