Cycling in Holland – so many bicycle choices to make

As I have mentioned (ad nauseum), Helen & I are going a 2 week cycling excursion to Holland (aka The Netherlands). We had originally thought that we would bring our Trek 7.5 FXs with us as they are ideally suited for such an excursion. After much debate, we decided that doing so (although ideal from a cycling perspective) was a bad decision.

Here’s why (in no general order of importance):

  1. Since our connection to Amsterdam is through Heathrow (London), we realized that there is a real possibility of our bikes not making the tight connection we have in our itinerary. Plus, it seems that there is a global baggage handler contest that pits one Airport against another in terms of loosing bikes, breaking bikes, and dismantling (packaged) bikes for (stolen) parts. Heathrow appears to be a global leader in the aforementioned skills.
  2. Although great, our bikes would stand out visually in a country where bike theft is rampant (goes along with rampant bike use).
  3. Holland is generally flat and the need for super duper 21 speed bikes seems to be overkill.

“When in Holland do as the Dutch”. The best way to see and “feel’ a country is as the locals would do. N’est pas?

We are now looking at renting versus buying bikes whilst in Holland.

Stay tuned for our final decision!


  1. Good idea!
    I think that you’re going to get more fun if you rent the bikes!

  2. definitely do it Dutch style! Their bikes are superb and of very high quality. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of you guys (sans helmets, sans spandex) in the Netherlands on Dutch bikes! 🙂

  3. Amsterdam is a great city, but try to make sure you get further afield. The Northern provinces of Drenthe (the cycling province) and Groningen offer some of the best cycling. That’s why we moved over here to Assen !

    There are quite a few photos of this area on our website:

  4. They got it covered, David, they’ll be touring for 2 weeks, all over, including the north and the islands 🙂

  5. Amsterdamize is indeed correct. We do plan on cycling north – then East to Leeuwarden, Dokum, Groningen and (now) perhaps Assen.

    Thanks for the link to your pics. Much appreciated.




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