University of Ottawa Heart Institute Launches the Medtronic Bike for Beats Event

On April 7th, 2010, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute launched the Medtronic Bike for Beats event.

New to Ottawa, Bike for Beats is a unique one-day cycling fundraiser, taking place on the afternoon of September 26th, 2010.

It’s not a race: it’s an event bringing together all types of people, uniting for a very worthy cause! Heart disease currently accounts for more Canadian deaths each year than any other disease… Bike for Beats allows you to help renew the cycle of life for those battling heart disease! (more…)

Vicki Thomas – Cyclo-Cross Racer Extraordinaire

Guest Blog Post

Hmm, kind of not sure how to introduce myself. But since you’re here on the popular Cyclemania website, I’m assuming that just like me, bikes are a big part of your life. So I’ll cut to the chase, I’m Vicki Thomas and I’m a cyclo-cross racer. I split my time living in Ottawa, ON and Blauberg, Belgium. I’ve lived in Ottawa since 1990 when I moved here from northern Saskatchewan to study journalism at Carleton University. (more…)

Philanthropic Pedaling – Cyclists to Bike Through Italy to Aid a Rural Village in Namibia

Austin Lehman Adventures (ALA) has announced a partnership with Bicycles for Humanity to create and manage a Bicycle Tour in Italy this fall. Cyclists from around the world can sign up for a seven day pedal tour of the Tuscany region of Italy and in doing so, help fund the establishment of a bike shop and cycling center in a remote village in the far eastern corner of Namibia. ALA was recently named the “#1 Tour Operator in the World” by the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine. (more…)